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Hello everyone! Just wanted to announce that my new pirate romance, action-adventure serial novel, The Interdimensional Pirate: Destined for the High Seas is LIVE NOW on Kindle Vella! The first 3 episodes are free to read; after that, you use tokens to purchase episodes. You can find more information here: Kindle Vella

You can find my serialized novel here: The Interdimensional Pirate: Destined for the High Seas.

The Interdimensional Pirate is a trilogy that follows the love story of Marvin Quinn and Estella Delgado. Marvin is a man from modern-times who has attempted to end his life. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. His spirit was transported into another dimension, where he stumbles upon a pirate crew. He’s taken hostage, where he meets Estella. How did Marvin end up in another dimension? Who is Estella? Will they fall in love? Find out in The Interdimensional Pirate: Destined for the High Seas!

I hope you read it and enjoy every twist and turn!

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Author Recommendation

I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Pembroke at a craft fair this weekend. His book, Rumble in Woodhollow, caught my eye immediately, and I am so happy I decided to buy it! Jonathan is a lovely man who happens to be an author in my local community. He invited me to join the local writer’s group, which I will be attending next month.

Check out this beautiful cover!

Rumble in Woodhollow by Jonathan Pembroke

Check out the blurb here:

Sydney was bored–bored with mixing potions in her aunt’s alchemy shop and bored of life in the faery homeland of Sylvan Valley. So when her sister Marla sends her a letter and asks Sydney to bring some family documents to the crime-ridden city of Woodhollow, Sydney leaps at the chance–only to discover Marla in charge of one of the criminal syndicates competing for control of the Woodhollow underworld. Before she knows it, Sydney finds herself embroiled in a gang war and must maneuver her way through the plots of rival thugs, ogre peacekeepers, and the semi-immortal ruler of the city. And through it all, she learns she has drawn the attention of a mysterious order of assassins…who want Sydney for some sinister purpose of their own.

I am so excited to read this book and the rest of the trilogy! You can buy a copy of Rumble in Woodhollow here, or do a quick Google search to find it and the rest of his books!


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Her eyes cracked open, revealing a slit of darkness. Everything hurt: her head, throbbing with every beat of her heart; her lungs, aching with every breath she took; her stomach, tightening from the bitter taste in her mouth. Every muscle in her body was sore, causing her to fear even miniscule movement.

The room was dark, cold. A shiver passed through her, jerking her body. Her muscles burned as if they had been set alight. A scream wrenched itself from her throat, animalistic to her own ears. She wanted to fight, yet she couldn’t move. Her fear, the fear of more pain, paralyzed her, trapping her in the fetal position.

The memories had beaten her down, broken her. She had become what she feared most: weak, vulnerable, and alone. A shell of her former self.

Pathetic. Worthless. Unlovable.

But then, she saw it. There, in the dark, a bright silhouette. It grew brighter as it reached out to her, enveloping her. Warmth radiated around her, healing her.

The burning in her muscles changed, suddenly soothing. The fist in her stomach released as a sweetness filled her mouth. She could breathe again, better than she ever had. The throbbing in her head ceased as she began to float, dreamlike, above the floor.

Overwhelming joy settled over her like a blanket straight out of the dryer. She had never felt so happy, not once in her life. It was rare, pure, almost too good to be true. She couldn’t believe it. Wrapped in such warmth, she thought, “This is it. This is what I’ve been searching for my whole life.”

In the blink of an eye, a shaft of light stabbed through her, straight into her heart.

Pain surged through her chest, radiating out like a wave crashing against the coastline. The light twisted, dislodging her heart. It slowly exited her chest, taking her heart as it departed. Her body fell to the floor, the light slowly disappearing from the room.

She stared at the space where he had been, gasping, struggling for air. The room was cold, colder than before. White clouds formed and evaporated with every exhale. Ice began creeping its way up her skin, threatening to freeze her.

Slowly, as her final breaths left her freezing lungs, she got to her knees. Part of her knew he would return. He had taken her heart, after all. One day, he would bring it back.

As the ice coated her skin, she placed her hands over the hole in her chest. They froze there, shielding the hole. As the ice glazed over her mouth, a name passed her lips. His name.

It lingered in the air, echoing, repeating like a mantra. As it faded away, so did she, leaving her body encased in an icy tomb.


Do you know what it’s like to feel your life unravel? All your plans, hopes, and dreams for the future, coming apart at the seams. All the strings, holding you together, ripping apart. It splits you apart. All the feelings you have start crushing you, like the weight of a thousand boulders. It’s like your heart is ripping itself out, piece by microscopic piece. It feels like your soul is shredding, as if it were paper, disintegrating into nothing. Your lungs burn like a match has been set to them. Your stomach aches, as if a giant hand is wrapped around it, squeezing you in half. Every muscle in your body tingles with a sickening warmth. Your brain wants to fix it, the pain you’re feeling, but your consciousness makes it worse. But you can’t sleep, because you fear you’ll miss something important: a phone call, a text. Something that will make everything better. Something that will stop the aching in your soul. Every day that passes, without so much as a word, rips you apart even more. Every day you think, “This can’t go on, not much longer.” But it still continues. The silence stretches, longer and longer. How do you deal with it? How do you make the pain better? You distract yourself with people, but every person you see knows what’s happened, somehow. They ask you, “How are you doing?” or “How are you holding up?” And then you have to explain, and the crushing of your heart comes back. It hurts, worse than before. But you can’t cry, not around these people. You can’t let them see you unravel. They won’t help you, even though they say they will. The only person who can help you is the one hurting you. So you give in to your distraction. You have meaningless conversations and pretend to be okay. You drink alcohol, to numb the wounds in your soul. But none of it helps. You still feel the pain. So you go “home”, even though all you want to do is run away. You want to run from the pain, but it’s impossible. It follows you, because it is you. You are pain. You are sad, and nothing and no one can make it better. All you can do is try to keep going. Try to sew your future back together with the remaining pieces. It won’t be the same. The bright light has vanished, replaced by a black hole. This is what it’s like to feel your life unravel. This is what my life has become.


Have you ever just wanted to leave? To drop everything and just disappear?

Your answer is probably yes.

Stress makes people do crazy things. Some people go out and drink away the stress. Some stay home and binge watch a show on Netflix. Some go to sleep.

Then there are people who pack a bag, get in the car, and just drive away. They leave their family, friends, and everything they care about behind. Some know where they’re going, some don’t have a single idea. They just need to leave, and they don’t care where they go, as long as they don’t have to deal with the problem.

I wish I could be one of those people. I wish I could drop everything and disappear. I wish I could care less about what leaving would do to the people I care about. Thinking about the stress it would cause them stresses me out even more. I don’t want to be stressed. I don’t want to think about it. I just want to get in my car and disappear.

But I can’t. I can’t disappear on my family. My mother needs me to take care of the things she physically cannot take care of. My siblings need me to be there for them, to help them through this tough time in our lives. My dad needs me to take care of the things he can’t be here to take care of. My boyfriend needs my emotional support to get through this stressful time in his life. My friends need me to be there when they feel down.

A lot of people are relying on me. I can’t just disappear, even though my heart is screaming at me to leave. I’m envious of those that can, without caring about the consequences.

I guess my problem is that I love a lot, and care too much. Is that a crime? Probably not. Is it a life-sentence? Definitely. Am I complaining? 100%. Is my situation worse than anyone else’s? Definitely not. But everyone needs to vent from time to time. This is me venting. I don’t want sympathy, I don’t need advice. I just needed to let off some steam.

If you made it to the end, great, thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful, stress-free day.


Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Mistakes We Made by Cierra Williams

The Mistakes We Made

by Cierra Williams

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to tell you, I’m hosting a giveaway for a signed copy of my book, The Mistakes We Made! It begins this Saturday, May 21st, at midnight and ends Saturday, June 4th at midnight. So if you want a chance to win my book, click “Enter Giveaway” above! I wish you all the best of luck!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I am a big, BIG fan of Harry Potter, have been for several years. It’s not just the magic I love; the characters, the story, the writing…I love it all. My mom read the books to my siblings and I when we were younger, I’ve heard them all on audio, and I’ve seen all the movies thousands of times. It is a fantastic series, and I was sad to see it end.

J. K. Rowling, however, decided it wasn’t over. The continuation of the series is coming out on May 3rd, and I’ve already pre-ordered the book. I know it was actually an on-stage show as well, but I’m not really one for plays. They just aren’t my cup of tea. The book, however, I will definitely read.

Now, most of you reading this probably know about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter exhibit at Universal Studios in Florida. It has been around for at least a year I believe. When I first heard of it, I was so excited, because it LITERALLY was Harry Potter come to life. However, I do not live in Florida, so I thought I would never get to go.

But then I heard they were building one in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Closer to home, yet way out of my price range. Tickets are not cheap, as with any amusement park. (My dad says the “amusement” is the park owner laughing all the way to the bank). Miraculously, though, I collected enough money to buy the tickets for my family and I, and we were able to go yesterday!

When we first arrived at the entrance to the Harry Potter exhibit, I was dazzled by the buildings. The theme song from the movies was pouring out of the surrounding speakers, park employees greeted us wearing the wizard robes, and the scent of butterbeer was in the air. I’ll say entering the exhibit was magical.

The first thing we decided to do was to go on the Hogwarts 3-D ride. After waiting less than 5 minutes in line, we were told to leave our belongings in a locker, as nothing was allowed on the ride. This process was quite difficult, to be honest. At least a hundred people were crowded inside the locker room, chaotically trying to shove their belongings into the lockers. The room was fairly small, too, so having very little space to thrust stuff into a tiny locker was horrible. I don’t handle tight spaces very well, and absolutely hate crowded rooms, so I was rushing and nearly lost my Monster drink to the floor.

Once our things were safely secured in the lockers, we began the walk-through of Hogwarts castle. The castle itself is architecturally beautiful, and most of the rooms we saw were almost perfect replicas of the ones in the movies. Holograms of Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, and Hermione talk to you in some of them, which is a really nice feature. Although, some people were attempting to take pictures of the holograms with their flashes on. Common sense is lost on some people.

The castle also had LCD screens with frames around them to make it look like some of the pictures were moving, which was really cool. I wish I had more to say about the castle itself, but I was being hurried along by this pushy guy behind me (which was infuriating), so I’ll just get to the ride itself.

As I said before, the ride is a 3-D ride. If you get motion sick really easily, take some anti-nausea medicine before going on, because it is nausea-inducing. Aside from that, the ride is amazing! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who plans to go on it, but trust me, you will love it!

After the ride, we wandered around Hogsmeade for a while. Because of the park’s size, they only have a few stores, and they’re all small. By small, I mean small. The biggest store in the whole exhibit is inside Hogwarts, called Filch’s Emporium, and even that one was smaller than I was comfortable with. I think maybe 25 people would be able to walk in Filch’s with comfortable space between them.

So the size of the whole place is a downside for me. Another downside is that everything is way more expensive than it should be. We bought 6 different candy items from Huneydukes, and it was almost $50! Yes, the candy was good, but I don’t think the students at Hogwarts would pay anything close to that price for candy. Clothing was even more expensive. If I was going to pay $100 for a t-shirt, it better be made out of the best material on the planet, and never need to be washed, because that is outrageous.

A bonus to the whole experience was that the food at the Three Broomsticks was delicious. I’ve heard from a few people that it is just because the exhibit is new, and eventually, the quality of the food will reduce to what the rest of amusement park food is. So if you go, eat there. Again, it’s pricey, but it is definitely yummy and filling. We also had butterbeer from Hog’s Head, which was tasty! Even though it didn’t have alcohol in it, unlike in the books. Man, it would’ve been funny to see drunk toddlers wandering around!

We spent 4 hours in the exhibit and managed to see and experience everything. It was definitely a memorable experience, and I’m so glad I was able to go, but I might not do it again because of how expensive it was. By all means, if you are a Potterhead, and you really want to go, I implore you to do so! You will definitely have a good time and great memories! You just might be poor by the time you leave!

Lonely Prison

The four walls held her captive, like a prison, but worse. It was dark, cold, and deathly quiet. She knew this would be her tomb. When she died, and she knew how soon that would be, her corpse would rot here. Not a soul would know or care.

The worst part was knowing she would die alone. As a child, she’d imagined dying in the comfort of her own bed, surrounded by loved ones. Tears would fall from every eye, but they would also be smiling. Smiling because she’d lived a long, full life. And she would smile because she wasn’t alone.

But here, in this room, she couldn’t smile. A heavy weight pressed on her chest, crushing all the joy she’d ever felt. She wanted to cry, but tears wouldn’t form. All she felt was the crushing pain of loneliness.

She was curled up on the floor, her frail arms clutched around her abdomen. Ribs poked against her skin, she was so thin. How long had it been since she’d eaten? Days, weeks? She had lost track of time in this darkness, lost all sense of the present.

Not a word had passed her lips since the day she’d woken up, here in this hole. No one was around to listen, so there was no point talking. Her own voice would sound foreign to her now if she spoke. She compressed her lips into a thin line, the skin cracking as it stretched.

Death would take her in several hours. She could feel him, creeping closer and closer, his bony hands wrapping tighter and tighter around her. She closed her eyes, but it was no different than if they were open. Her ragged breathing sounded loud in the utter silence, yet somehow, it was comforting. She could almost pretend it was someone else’s breath, briefly alleving the loneliness.

Listening intently, she imagined she could hear this other person speaking. Words came to her, muffled, barely audible. But they were there. Her eyes flashed open.

For a moment, she thought she was truly losing her sanity. The voice was louder, closer. She sat up and crawled around blindly, seeking the source of the voice. No, she wasn’t losing her mind;¬†someone was there.

It took all her strength to bang her hands against the wall, hoping, praying, this mysterious person would hear her. She tried to cry for help, but her throat was dry, her voice coming out as a croak.

The will to live suddenly burned within her like a raging fire. She pounded on the wall fiercely, each knock echoing in the room. Someone outside shouted, “Over here!”

Another knocking sounded against the wall, echoing her own. “Step back!” the same voice shouted, and she did as she was told. She scurried backward, away from the wall, bumping hard against the one opposite.

After several seconds, something slammed against the wall once, twice, three times. On the fourth slam, the wall came crashing down, revealing a dazzling rectangle of light. The sudden light was so painful, she had to look away, shielding her eyes.

When she looked again, she could see the silhouette of someone standing inside the rectangle of light. “It’s going to be okay,” the person, a man, was saying. “I’m here to save you.”

Her breath caught in her throat. The weight, the crushing weight, finally lifted from her chest. Happy tears rolled down her cheeks, her body wracked with sobs. She wasn’t going to die. She was finally free.