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Available Through the Kindle App

The Interdimensional Pirate: Destined for the High Seas is available through the Kindle app and on Kindle Vella. New episodes are added weekly, so be sure to hit the Follow button on Kindle to stay up to date, or sign up for my email list to receive updates and special bonuses, sneak peeks, and extra content you won’t find on Kindle!

Written and Published by Books By Cierra

The Interdimensional Pirate: Destined for the High Seas is available was written and published by Cierra Addington, owner and operator of Books By Cierra. Cierra has been in the creative writing career space for over 15 years. The Interdimensional Pirate is her third published fiction work, and she is on track to publish more at the end of 2022.

Cierra also offers copyediting, proofreading, and many more author services. New authors will receive a 30% discount off copyediting services!

Follow her website Books By Cierra for updates, special offers, and to request services!

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