If you are looking for new and like-new books for used book prices, you’ve come to the right place! All books in this shop are hand-selected by me to ensure they are in the best condition possible. You will be happy with the quality you receive, and your books will last for many years. Browse my selection below and find the right book for you!

Cierra’s Book Shop

Amazon Recommendations

This is a collection of books I recommend purchasing on Amazon. The books in this list include my own titles, titles of clients I have worked with, and titles purchased through my advertising service.

The Mistakes We Made

The Mistakes We Made is a YA novel featuring 2 female protagonists and 1 male protagonist.

Rebecca and Libby Albright are two sisters with bad blood between them. Their relationship grows worse when Libby starts attending Saint Holts Private High School, the school Rebecca lords over with popularity. Rebecca is not Libby’s worst enemy, though.When Rebecca’s boyfriend, Scott, becomes Libby’s desire, things begin to accelerate at an alarmingly harmful rate. The mistakes these students make lead up to an unimaginable tragedy that no one sees coming. Find out what happens in “The Mistakes We Made”.

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