My FIRST Children’s Book to be Released

Hello all! I am very excited to announce my FIRST children’s book, A Child’s Imagination, is on track to be released at the end of this year! My illustrator, Rania M. Tulba, has started working on the illustrations, and I’m happy to say they are beautiful! Here’s a sneak peek at the main character, Cassie!

A Child’s Imagination is a story about imaginary monsters and why they exist. Follow Cassie as she discovers the truth behind the monster under her bed!

Check my website for updates regarding the book, sneak-peeks at the illustrations, and the updated release date!

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NEW SERIES Live on Kindle Vella

Hello everyone! Just wanted to announce that my new pirate romance, action-adventure serial novel, The Interdimensional Pirate: Destined for the High Seas is LIVE NOW on Kindle Vella! The first 3 episodes are free to read; after that, you use tokens to purchase episodes. You can find more information here: Kindle Vella

You can find my serialized novel here: The Interdimensional Pirate: Destined for the High Seas.

The Interdimensional Pirate is a trilogy that follows the love story of Marvin Quinn and Estella Delgado. Marvin is a man from modern-times who has attempted to end his life. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. His spirit was transported into another dimension, where he stumbles upon a pirate crew. He’s taken hostage, where he meets Estella. How did Marvin end up in another dimension? Who is Estella? Will they fall in love? Find out in The Interdimensional Pirate: Destined for the High Seas!

I hope you read it and enjoy every twist and turn!

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Author Recommendation

I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Pembroke at a craft fair this weekend. His book, Rumble in Woodhollow, caught my eye immediately, and I am so happy I decided to buy it! Jonathan is a lovely man who happens to be an author in my local community. He invited me to join the local writer’s group, which I will be attending next month.

Check out this beautiful cover!

Rumble in Woodhollow by Jonathan Pembroke

Check out the blurb here:

Sydney was bored–bored with mixing potions in her aunt’s alchemy shop and bored of life in the faery homeland of Sylvan Valley. So when her sister Marla sends her a letter and asks Sydney to bring some family documents to the crime-ridden city of Woodhollow, Sydney leaps at the chance–only to discover Marla in charge of one of the criminal syndicates competing for control of the Woodhollow underworld. Before she knows it, Sydney finds herself embroiled in a gang war and must maneuver her way through the plots of rival thugs, ogre peacekeepers, and the semi-immortal ruler of the city. And through it all, she learns she has drawn the attention of a mysterious order of assassins…who want Sydney for some sinister purpose of their own.

I am so excited to read this book and the rest of the trilogy! You can buy a copy of Rumble in Woodhollow here, or do a quick Google search to find it and the rest of his books!